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Oven Pizza Menu Price

Are you searching for Oven Pizza Menu Price then check here Below I have listed Oven Pizza Menu.

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oven pizza menu


MARGHERITA fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, and signature red sauce $10 | $16
BUFFALO CHICKEN oven-roasted chicken, buffalo sauce, ranch drizzle $10 | $16
CHICKEN BACON BBQ oven-roasted chicken, bacon, sweet onion, bbq sauce drizzle, cilantro $11 | $18
CHICKEN PESTO oven-roasted chicken, basil pesto, roasted tomato, red onion $11 | $18
CHICKEN BACON RANCH oven-roasted chicken, bacon, fresh tomato, potato crisps, ranch drizzle $10.50 | $17
WHITE FLORENTINE white pizza topped with spinach, artichoke, roasted tomato $10 | $16
WALNUT GLAZED fire-roasted spinach, sweet onion, tomato, feta, walnuts, balsamic fig glaze $11 | $17
GARDEN VEGGIE signature red sauce, sweet pepper, spinach, sweet onion, mushrooms, black olive, garlic $11 | $18
MEAT ZA signature red sauce, house-made sausage, oven-roasted bacon, pepperoni $11 | $18
MEATBALL signature red sauce, house-made crumbled meatball, ricotta, fresh basil $11 | $18
PULLED PORK braised pork, sweet onion, house-made Sriracha sauce, BBQ drizzle, fresh cilantro $11 | $18
HONEY PIE oven-roasted chicken, capocollo, oven-roasted whole garlic, spinach, mushroom, sweet onion, rosemary, sweet & savory honey drizzle $11 | $18



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