Apache Pizza Menu Price ❤️

Apacheche Pizza is a fast-casual pizza chain that’s based in America. The Apache pizza menu offers a variety of Pizza varieties.

Discover our Apache pizza menu that allows customers to create custom pizzas using various toppings and additional cheeses

You can choose from a variety of sizes for your Apache pizza: small, medium, large, extra large, personal, small pan, and medium pan.

Apache Pizza Menu Price

All details are taken from the Official Site of Apache Pizza. I have also included images of Food Items along with their most recent Description.

Apache Pizza Menu Price

Apache Pizza Picked for you

Apache Pizza Menu Price

Item price
Plain Cheese Pizza (12″ Medium) €17.00
Online Special €22.00
Garlic Bread €6.00
Double Deal €29.00
Twisty Fries €6.00
Plain Cheese Pizza (10″ Small) €14.00
Plain Cheese Pizza (14″ Large) €20.00

Apache Pizza Pizza Deals

Apache Pizza Pizza Deals

The Really Big Deal €30.00
Online Special (Pizza Deals) €22.00
All Day Special €20.00
Double Deal (Pizza Deals) €29.00

Apache Pizza Apache Pizza Prices

Apache Pizza Menu Price

Sweet Tennessee (14″ Large) €20.00
lain Cheese Pizza (10″ Small) (Apache Pizza) €14.00
Plain Cheese Pizza (12″ Medium) (Apache Pizza) €17.00
Wigwammer (14″ Large) €20.00
Wigwammer (12″ Medium) €17.00
Wigwammer (10″ Small) €14.00
Hot Apache (10″ Small) €14.00
Buffalo (14″ Large) €20.00
Buffalo (12″ Medium) €17.00
Hot Apache (12″ Medium) €17.00
Buffalo (10″ Small) €14.00
Hot Apache (14″ Large) €20.00
Cajun Apache (10″ Small) €14.00
Plain Cheese Pizza (14″ Large) (Apache Pizza) €20.00
Apache Special (10″ Small) €14.00
Hawaiian (10″ Small) €14.00
Cajun Apache (14″ Large) €20.00
Apache Special (14″ Large) €20.00
Apache Special (12″ Medium) €17.00
Cajun Apache (12″ Medium) €17.00
Hawaiian (12″ Medium) €17.00
Hawaiian (14″ Large) €20.00
Chicken Apache (14″ Large) €20.00
Vegetarian (12″ Medium) €17.00
Chicken Apache (12″ Medium) €17.00
Chicken Apache (10″ Small) €14.00
Vegetarian (14″ Large) €20.00
Vegetarian (10″ Small) €14.00

Apache Pizza burgers

Apache Pizza burgers

Chicken Burger €9.50
1/4 lb with Cheese Burger €6.50
Premium Chicken Burger €6.50
1/4 lb Burger €9.50

Apache Pizza  Tacos

Apache Pizza Tacos

7 Inch Personal Taco Pizza €9.00
Taco Fries (Large) €8.00
Tacozony €8.00
9 Inch Small Taco Pizza €12.00
Taco Fries (Small) €4.50

Apache Pizza Wraps

Apache Pizza Wraps

Rooster Wrap €7.00
Spicy Chicken and Bacon Wrap €7.00

Apache Pizza Chicken prices

Apache Pizza Chicken prices

Popcorn Chicken (Medium) €7.50
Chicken Dippers (Medium) €7.50
Popcorn Chicken (Large) €12.00
Chicken Dippers (Large) €12.00
Spicy Buffalo Wings (Large) €12.00
Chicken Wings (Medium) €7.50
Spicy Buffalo Wings (Medium) €7.50
Korean BBQ Buffalo Wings (Large) €12.00
Chicken Wings (Large) €12.00
Korean BBQ Buffalo Wings (Medium) €7.50

Apache Pizza Chips

Apache Pizza Chips

Curry Chips €5.50
Cheesy Garlic Chips €5.50
Regular Chips €4.00
Cheddar Cheesy Chips €5.50
Garlic Mayonnaise Chips €5.50
Zingy Taco Mayo Chips €5.50

Apache Pizza Sides

apache pizza sides

Jalapeno Poppers €6.00
Garlic Mushrooms €6.00
Potato Wedges €6.00
7 Swiss Cheese Wedges €6.00
Garlic Bread (Sides) €6.00
Twisty Fries (Sides) €6.00
Sweet Potato Fries €6.00
Onion Rings €6.00

Apache Pizza Hot Waffles

Apache Pizza Hot Waffles

Oreo Waffle -1 €4.50
Biscoff Waffle-1 €4.50
Kinder Bueno Waffle-1 €4.50
Milk Chocolate Waffle-1 €4.50
Nutella Waffle-1 €4.50

Apache Pizza Dips

Apache Pizza Dips

BBQ Dip (Small) €1.00
BBQ Dip (Jumbo) €1.50
Garlic and Herb Dip (Small) €1.00
Garlic and Herb Dip (Jumbo) €1.50
Sweet Chilli Dip €1.00
Taco Dip €1.00

Apache Pizza Desserts

apache pizza desserts

Chocolate Brownie (V) (E) (G) (M) (S) (W) €3.50
4 Milk Chocolate Cookies €4.00
4 Rainbow Cookies €4.00
churros €4.50
Ben and Jerry Ice Cream €2.99
Hot Cookie Dough €3.00

Apache Pizza Beverages

Apache Pizza Beverages

Soda Bottle €3.50
Apache Mineral Water €1.50
Soda Can €2.00

Apache Pizza Milkshakes Prices

Apache Pizza Milk shakes Prices

Vanilla Shake €3.75
Kinder Bueno €3.75
Biscoff €3.7
Banana Shake €3.75
Strawberry Shake €3.75
Chocolate Shake €3.75

Apache Pizza Swords

Pizza swords

If you’re in search of delicious pizza delivery or takeaway in Swords you’re at the right spot. Apache is the place to go.

Apache all of our pizzas are freshly made, hot, and ready to be delivered. All you have to do is order your pizza delivery service in Swords and sit back, we’ll deliver your pizza to your doorstep. 

You can also place an order for pizza to take away from Swords which will arrive waiting to be picked up at your local store.

Pizza Delivery Swords

We provide pizza delivery in Swords and you make a purchase online or over the phone, and then relax as waiting for the preferred menu. 

Pizza delivery is available in Swords and the surrounding areas. Our policy is to restrict the delivery area we offer within Swords. Delivery costs may be applicable. 

Contact us for more information at 018406888 and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Pizza Take-Away Swords

Visit our store to order your pizza to take home in Swords. In our pizza Swords store We are located in Swords, Main Street, Swords 59 K67 T802 County Dublin.

 You can place your order for pizza online, in-store, through our app, or via phone.

ApachePizza opening and closing times

Days  Opening Times  Closing Times
Mon  12:30  23:30
Tue-Sat  12:30  00:30
Sun  12:30  23:30

About us

The expansion of the American Pizza market in 1986 was the first thing that caught our interest. In 1995, pizza was still the top industry that was growing within the fast food industry. 

This decade of continuous increase in the U.S.A revealed that we were only seeing the top of the iceberg for the Irish market and that there was enormous potential to grow. 

It was the Good Food Company recognized a need for service in the marketplace that required an Irish pizza delivery service. 

Apache Pizza was launched in Dublin in the year 1996. We wanted to have a name that reflected what we believe to be a uniquely American style, in contrast to the traditional Italian-style pizzas, which use distinct dough bases

Apache Pizza Menu Near me Location


Contact Details – Apache Pizza

Apache Pizza Headquarters
Unit 11
Balbriggan Business Park
Co. Dublin
Phone: +353 (0)1 460 6810
Email: privacy@apache.ie

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Apache Pizza Nutritional Information

final words

I have done my best to give you all the information you need about the menu for apache pizza. I hope you enjoyed this post about the menu of apache pizza as well as its description. If we missed something please inform us in the comment section below.

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Apache Pizza Related to FAQS

apache pizza menu faq

Q.1 What size is a large Apache Pizza?

✅ 14″
Visit your local shop for T&Cs. Size guide: Kids 5″ Personal- 7″ Small 9″ Medium11.5″ 11.5″ and Large- 14″

Q.2 What is an Apache special?

✅ Apache Pizza – Our Apache Special is all your favorite ingredients in one place Regular base / Mozzarella cheese / Our Signature Tomato Sauce /Pepperoni, Ham, Sweetcorn, Pineapple, Mushroom, Onion, Peppers, Extra Mozzarella

Q.3 How much is Apache Pizza worth?

✅ An SPANISH GROUP has acquired a majority stake in Ireland-based restaurant company Apache Pizza in a deal that could reach EUR10.7 million.

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